5 Differences between Cosmos & Polkadot

Why Build A New Blockchain?

Difference #1: Local vs Global Security

Polkadot Network Architecture
Cosmos Network Architecture

Difference #2: Governance & Membership

Hubs are more efficient for connecting multiple chains

Difference #3: Inter-blockchain Communication

Cosmos Network with tokens in multiple zones

Difference #4: Consensus Algorithms

Difference #5: Substrate vs Cosmos SDK


  1. Application developers do not need to bootstrap their own security
  2. If they can solve data availability, interchain messaging under shared security is easier
  3. They seem to be more ambitious with Substrate (WASM, more consensus algorithms & modules out-of-the-box)
  4. Focus on arbitrary message passing better for cross-parachain contract calls. (Still unsure of use case today)
  5. Seems to have more developers building version 1.0
  1. Cosmos is live. Polkadot is not.
  2. Polkadot has a restrictive & possibly expensive parachain membership process
  3. More customizability is better for specific projects (e.g, Binance)
  4. Evil validators of parachains could spread corruption throughout entire network. Cosmos restricts corruption to only within the zone & corresponding assets
  5. Cosmos SDK used by many projects already
  6. Focus on asset transfers simpler & easier to get right. Proven use case today.




building @ribbonfinance, previously @coinbase

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Julian Koh

Julian Koh

building @ribbonfinance, previously @coinbase

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